Who's Who

Larisa Allen

Larisa first fell into LARPing during the early 90's rise of Mind's Eye Theater, but left for the stronger pull of dance clubs and whiskey. They were reintroduced to LARPing by friends during the last shuddering breaths of Endgame and found NPCing in boffer games the most fun they'd ever had sober. "It's like being theater run crew but you get to hit your friends!" Although they've been known to PC now and then (Rabbit Run at Intercon N, Syncretism at Intercon P, Shadows of Amun, and Fifth Gate: Wrathborn) they have the most fun making PCs feel just stressed out enough to enjoy their victories while Staffing at Crossover.

Ian Ally-Seals

No bio provided

Sean Almon

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Brodie Atwater

No bio provided

Kate "The Wrong Kate" B.

Kate was introduced to LARP in 1998-ish when people she'd known since preschool or earlier tricked her into coming to a game. (Closest she'd come before then was Eric the Darker's annual Paranoia event-- since back before he tested the food-- SRSLY.) In the intervening time, Kate was a player in a series of DC-based campaigns, including Mersienne Medieval Fantasy, 1936: Horror, and Brassy’s Men, then sold her soul (or just sold out?) and became a staff member for the 1948: Signals and Threads of Damocles campaigns before repatriating to her native New England. Her writing and GM credits include the full-weekend LARP Drink Deeper, occasional scenarios for DC-area campaigns, and exercising questionable judgment in agreeing to do bulk cooking and LARP catering, including many years of deviled eggs for the Chelmsford Intercon Con Suites. These days, she's mostly floor-GMing other peoples’ games.

Kate is honored to again assist “Team Brit” as a Yankee delegate for the newest installment of Miss Maypole. It is surmised that being genetically British, having lived in the UK, her obsession with frockage fueling Sue’s own addiction, or that repeated trips to the England to LARP in UK-Freeforms events contributed to her selection for this post, but it's probably because she shows up on time, brings tea, can teach the basics of Regency/Federal-era set dances, and knows where Sue's hid the bodies.

Kendra Beckler

No bio provided

John Benfield

John Benfield has a deep and abiding love of superhero stories, and helped Tucker write each run of Stop That Moon!

Li-Chi "lichifruit" Bennett

Li-Chi has been a member of Truth Sans Justice since 2014. She took a deep dive into LARP at Intercon N and has never looked back. She is a firm believer that the only thing worse than writing LARPs is not writing LARPs.

Chad Bergeron

No bio provided

Laura Berman

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Cameron Betts

Cameron has been running games at Intercon since the last century, and his preferences lean toward very few mechanics and just a smidge of lightheartedness. He believes that the most powerful thing in LARP is a connection with another character, and he hopes to produce games that will produce and enhance those connections, and that will avoid overshadowing or disrupting them.

This year's acceptable bribes (provisional): Kindly offered chocolate, help with carrying props, spare time. [watch this space for upadtes]

Dylan Blanset

No bio provided

Ronald "Ron" Blechner

Ron is a relatively new LARPer, and Q is his third Interncon. Ron is new to GMing LARP, but not immersive storytelling. He spent 6 years professionally creating immersive, online experiences for educational and marketing clients in 2-D and 3-D online social platforms like Second Life. Having moved onwards professionally to a cubicle, he seeks to lend his experience of creating experience to LARP.

Emily Care Boss

Emily is a tree geek who writes tabletop rpgs and larp. You can find her stuff at blackgreengames.com.

Erin Boucher

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Laura Boylan

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David Braslow

No bio provided

Kathleen Braslow

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Maury "Maury" Brown

Maury Brown is the co-creator and co-lead designer of New World Magischola, a wizard school blockbuster larp set in a new magical universe for North America. When she isn't wrangling cactus cats or banishing boo hags, she writes games, works on her PhD on larping and social change, reads fantasy, sci-fi and comics, binges Netflix, corrupts her children with roleplay, and pets cats.

Alexander Brune

No bio provided

Katherine "Kath" Bryant

Kath is GMing at Intercon for the third time. She's not exactly sure how that happened.

Brandon Brylawski

Brandon has been larping since *cough* and has written a number of games, including  Starship Edsel , Tales of Pendragon , Arkham on Five Sanity Points a Day ,and  Galaxy Comics Presents: Identity Crisis. He has lots more ideas than free time.

Nat Budin

Assistant Webmaster
Nat has been attending Intercon since Intercon C in 2003, and has served as con chair of Intercons P and I. He also founded Brandeis's Festival of the LARPs and co-founded Alleged Entertainment, with which he has written and run over a dozen games. Despite the seriousness of this bio, Nat is actually quite silly and loves you very much.

Peter Casey

No bio provided

Danielle Church

No bio provided

Andrew Clough

Somehow the LARPs keep coming out of somewhere. At Intercon I've run Heithur and Hitherby Dragons. And now I'm running a Carmen Sandiego game with yet another group of LARPing friends.

Jack Cockerill

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Sean Curran

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Vito "Simple Wordsmith" D'Agosta


Quinn D

NEIL board member
Assistant Con Chair for Intercon Q

Quinn has been playing larps since 2004, written a handful of games, and has volunteered time to help run the convention since 2011. In the current position as GM coordinator, Quinn seeks to help support the vital work done by the numerous GMs who have offered to run games for everyone to play. As a member of convention staff, Quinn also seeks to help make Intercon the best friendly, welcoming, inclusive, fun and safe place it can be. As a NEIL board member, Quinn works to support the growth and health of the New England larp community

Stephanie Davis

No bio provided

Kathleen De Smet

Games I've helped write: The Madrian Secret, Clerical Error, Storm Cellar, Better Living Through Robotics, and Grandma's Resting Place.

I'm part of the De Smet clan and have been making the pilgrimage from California to Intercon every year since G (2007) for our larping family reunions.

Lynne Dewey

No bio provided

Stephen Dewey

Stephen is an independent game designer and publisher based in Rhode Island.

Zeb Dezern

A member of Truth Sans Justice who took plenty of flaws at char-gen.

Jeff "The Vortex of Chaos" Diewald

Proposal Committee, NEIL Board, Bringer of Port
"30 years, 20 LARPs written, One Survivor" Jeff Probst

"It was 30 years ago today,
Diewald wrote a LARP to play
They've been going in and out of style
But they're guaranteed to raise a smile.
So may I introduce to you
The LARPers you've known for years
LARPer Diewald's TNT LARP Band. (The Rutles)

"December 13, 1986 - a date which will live in infamy" Robert "Bob" Enfield

"Don't ever trust Alison Joy Schafer in a LARP." The Secret LARP Cabal's Book of Inner Truths

Once again, Jeff will be organizing and running more LARPs for Intercon than he's actually playing. Once again, Jeff will probably have decades of port with him - to celebrate 30 years of LARPing, to celebrate his birthday, to celebrate great personal moments in LARPs old and new, and to celebrate the players and partners in crime who make it fun to run LARPs and conventions for. Details, incriminating evidence, and known collaborators can be found on www.vortexofchaos.net/home.html.

Tom Dimiduk

No bio provided

Jen "Lady J" Eastman-Lawrence

Vendor Liaison, Lover of Liaisons, Champion Idealist
This is my quest, to follow that star, No matter how hopeless, no matter how far. To fight for the right, without question or pause, To be willing to march into Hell, for a Heavenly cause. And I know if I'll only be true, to this glorious quest, That my heart will lie will lie peaceful and calm, when I'm laid to my rest. And the world will be better for this: That one Jen, scorned and covered with scars, Still strove, with her last ounce of courage, To reach...the unreachable star!

Erika Emrick

No bio provided

Caitlin Feeley

Caitlin Feeley is a twenty-year veteran of the New England boffer larp community, particularly in the Accelerant system. When she's not making LARPs about obscure historical topics and crushing your feelings, she researches and designs educational games and related technologies at MIT.

Will Fergus

No bio provided

Craig Fox

No bio provided

Lise "Lise" Fracalossi

Lise is, astonishingly, a larper -- also a fantasy writer/reader, front-end web dev, and historical smut connoisseur. She's the author of_League of Extraordinary Hogwarts Students_ (Intercon I) and Cracks in the Orb (Intercon M and Q), as well as several ill-conceived novels. She's also fictionally responsible for the imaginary games The Other Other All Zamira Drakasha Game (Intercon Even More Pirates2), Purim: The Morning After (private run at Brandeis), and Great Sexpectations: A Dickensian Sex Farce (Intercon XXX).

Kate Fractal

Kate used to have the last name Farb-Johnson but got tired of hyphens and decided to go for awesome math.

Kate remembers attending Intercon H, running many larps over the years, and writing a few.

Sasha Franskevich

No bio provided

Doug "Dig" Freedman

We are Fete Fatale Productions out of Chicago, although this is not an FFP game, it is a Peaky Midwest game. In Intercon years (kinda like dog years, but with less drool and more stage blood), we are older than dirt. We have in fact been running games at Intercon since before some of you were born. If you don't know us, please come meet us. We are warm, friendly people, mostly spherical but quite pointy in parts, who love to drink port and talk shop.

Gail Freedman

No bio provided

Viktoriya Fuzaylova

No bio provided

Anandi "Anandi" Gandolfi

Anandi started gaming at the tender age of 6 in her father's college D&D game. It was 13 years later when she discovered the wonders of larping, primarily as an outlet for her love of costuming, and another 12 years before she discovered the highly satisfying activity of writing games.She makes her living now by making costumes and clothing for others, and gets her joy from making other people happy, whether it is with a fun game or a pretty dress. with 9 one- shots (Asylum With Margaret Simpkins, Mahabharata, One life, Another life, Speed Dating (not the one your thinking of), Sith lords, An Age Unending(with Andy Kirschbaum) Where the Wild Things Will Be, Feast of the Minotaur, Cirque du Fey (with Mel MacDonald) and a multi-city chronicle (Between the Cracks). Creating worlds of wonder, passion, joy, and pain has become a passion that shows little sign of being satisfied.

Katharine Giacomini

No bio provided

Susan "nikin" Giusto

~ nikin ~ Intercon Muse ~ nikin ~
The whimsical nikin helps make LARPs happen with the TNT gang. Additionally, she is part of the creative team that provides the wondrous art for Intercon. This nikin needs a hug,the events of the preceding year have taken much of the energy out of the muse.

This nikin helps others by being a LARP muse. She offers focus, provides energy, supplies magic and gives good massages. This nikin inspires great writings and bouts of creativity of the LARP like variety.

This particular nikin enjoys playing in LARPs as well as creating them.

Katie Gordon

No bio provided

Marc Granato

No bio provided

Tara Halwes

No bio provided

Thomas Hansen

No bio provided

Haz Harrower-Nakama

Back and here to crush it. Bam. Mic drop.

_ Games written: Martha Stewart's Guide to Interdimensional Summoning (and Basting a Turkey), Like Putting a Leash on a Rocket Launcher, Better off Dead, Post-Future Pop Diva Fashion Show and Silent Auction_

Jaelen Hartwin

Safety Coordinator
Litigation stemming from the Callisto Disaster left the space exploration industry crippled for over a decade, despite the fact that the actual cleanup and recovery took only two years. JAELEN (the Jovian Advanced Exploration LEgality Network) was created to clarify and simplify the complex legal issues involved in the exploration of Jupiter and its moons.

Actually, Jaelen is a human who has been to every New England Intercon since Intercon C, and has at various times been Con Chair, GM Liaison, Ops Chair, and Hotel Liaison. This year, they are the Safety Coordinator, working to ensure that Intercon is a safe and welcoming environment for all our attendees. Jaelen is agender, uses they/them/their pronouns, and should not be consulted for questions about International Space Law.

Taylor Hartwin

Identity construction pending ...
New biography loaded ...
Your current name is: Sara Gussin. Is this your name? (Y/N)

\> N

What is your name?

\> Taylor Hartwin

Your current name is: Taylor Hartwin. Is this your name? (Y/N)

\> Y

Welcome to Identity Construction. Please enter identity below. Your identity must consist of exactly three (3) sentences with a maximum of twelve (12) words each, with each word having a maximum of four (4) syllables.

\> Taylor is a person, probably, and finds identity construction fascinating. She is often found enjoying puppies of all ages, usually while giggling. Sometimes she also writes, plays in, or NPCs for larps.

Thank you for entering your identity. Your biography has been logged. Do you wish to log a new identity? (Y/N)

\> N

Identity construction closing ...

Selina Harvey

No bio provided

Greer "Zach" Hauptman

Originally a member of Alleged Entertainment, founding member of Truth Sans Justice. Has been writing LARPs since 2005.

Is not a zombie.

John Hawley

No bio provided

Kristen Hendricks

No bio provided

Jared Hite

No bio provided

Elizabeth Hocking

No bio provided

Sharone Horowit-Hendler

No bio provided

Diana Hsu

No bio provided

Andrea Humez

Andrea Humez played her first LARP with the MIT Assassins' Guild in 1990 and never looked back. She wrote and ran seven LARPs at MIT, including her undergraduate thesis for her Creative Writing degree. She has been coming to Intercon since just before there were letters and is excited to be running a game here at long last.

Kara Hurvitz

No bio provided

Michael Hyde

No bio provided

Elizabeth "Betsy" Isaacson

Betsy Isaacson writes LARPs.

Katherine Jones

No bio provided

Sarah Judd

No bio provided

Matthew Kamm

No bio provided

Dave Kapell

Hotel Coordinator, NEIL President
Dave has been larping since 1999, in both theatre and boffer (Realms, and then Accelerant). He's written a handful of theatre-style games, and run a handful of boffer events, as well some that are on the border between the two worlds. These include Multiplied Loyalties (Intercon D), Sam and Max hit the Afterlife (Intercon H, K), Blackout (Intercon J), and Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (Intercon P)

Dave joined Intercon's Bidcom for Intercon E, served as Ops Head for J, was Con Chair for K and O, and Hotel Liaison for L,M,N,P, and Q. In addition, he created NELCO, NEIL's writing retreat for larp authors and participants, ran it the first two years, and has helped run it since. Dave has been on or advising the NEIL board since 2009 and has a particular interest in safe community building. Dave is currently the President of NEIL, the corporation responsible for Intercon

Dave dislikes writing about himself in the third person. Dave should be consulted for questions about International Space Law.

Tegan Kehoe

Tegan Kehoe is a historian and museum professional by day, writer by night, and LARPer in the witching hour. Well, that's not quite true, as she's very much not a night person, but you get the idea.

Philip "Philip Kelley" Kelley

April, 1995. Minicon. Completely bored, I reluctantly wandered into a hotel room where someone was running a “larp”, and was immediately handed a character sheet ('cause Bruce Glassco recognized me from prior Gencon games). The first few lines of “Tovar the Inimitable” got me hook, line, and sinker. Twenty years later and counting, larping continues to be my preferred hobby.

Mahlon Kirk

No bio provided

Andy Kirschbaum

Andy has been writing and running LARPs since 1989. Some of them were okay. He also sells games and writes books (but not lately).

David "Pickle" Kotsonis

David/Pickle started playing LARPs in 2013 with Soul of the World, running them in 2014 at Intercon N, and (co)writing them in 2015 with Infinite Magic Glories: Impact Mosaic. Alas, 2016 did not present any novel ways of interacting with the medium (any R&D teams out there working on inhalable LARP?), and he is forever shamed at disrupting the trendline.

Kevin Kreiner

No bio provided

Joshua Kronengold

No bio provided

Sue "Queenortart" L.

Back across the pond, Team Brit (or almost all of us) missed you all last year! So glad to be back. We're bringing you lovely British Games, and i'm teaming up with two American chums for Burning Orchid (oh the Guatalmalan angst!) and Miss Maypole (oh the Scottish angst!) And GMed by two people with no surnames.

If you're there Thursday night late, you can see what sleep deprivation and time shifts can do when I bring you the follow up to Tony's "Players are Scum", and my "GMs are Bastards" and "Writers are Total Cocks".This year Mechanics, they really **** your game up.

Come and share your best and worst experiences of mechanics. It'll be 4 am UK time. What can possibly go wrong?

Izzy LARPer

It’s finally happened, people have been talking smack to me, so I decided to put my money where my mouth is and finally show my face at Intercon Q. The LARPing community has become the family I never knew that I wanted. I’m really happy I finally found them. Trust me, this has been a long hard road that I have been building towards my entire life.

My mom practically kicked my ass out of the house before I hit 13, and I never even met my dad. My only friend till I was 10 was the jerk next door who was always beating me up and telling me I wasn't worth anything. It’s not like I even had a choice, the town had like 9 something people living there, I kid you not. My entire adolescence was just moving around from place trying to get along with people who didn't even want me.

You think that's the worst? My only friend was an Asian guy in his thirties or something, who only kept me around because it might help him get advances from women, if you get what I’m saying. The only perk was that I also got to hang around with this cute ginger chick, personality of a trucker, sure, but fun to have around.

But dear god the bane of my existence was this adult couple I could NOT seem to avoid. You know these types of couples that are absolutely sickening, like they wear matching outfits and finish each other's sentence? Yeah, they were creepers, and they had a cat, which was at least twice as annoying as they were, I swear this thing would never shut up.

Like I said, I ended up moving from town to town getting into fights with kids my other age, even adults from time to time.

The only thing that kept me going was my dream to be a pokemon master.
Now I live the dream, every time I LARP!

Tim "Teem" Lasko

Tim has been LARPing for about thirty years and attending Intercon conventions since 1998. He has been involved in making them happen since 2002, including being ConChair for Intercon D and Intercon J. He has been happy to serve as Your Registrar for many of these years.

As part of TNT Productions, he has helped bring several LARPs to Intercon conventions, including Collision Imminent!, Dustpan: the LARP (which was created by an offhand comment he made), You'll Be Safe Here, A Night at Club Ivory, Across the Sea of Stars and several others. He has been active in NELCO Build-Your-Own-Game efforts, including working on Adrift on the Starry Sky and This Time for Sure.

Thomas Lawler

No bio provided

James "WeeYag" Lawrence

Tea, Earl Gray, Hot

Tucker Le

Besides being a GM who rules with an iron fist and an expert teddy bear wrestler, Tucker believes that larping is about feeling the experience. Along with customizing roles to maximize unique enjoyment and realism, this GM is more than happy (scarily so) to provide the darkness in order for players to find their light.

Matt LeVan

No bio provided

Alon Levy

No bio provided

Albert Lin

No bio provided

Jayson Lynch

No bio provided

Jan-Willem Maessen

Jan remembers coming of age when AIDS was a death sentence. It is not something he'll quickly forget. He's been larping for more than 25 years, and has been a regular at Intercon for at least 15.

Mac Magruder

No bio provided

Isabel Malonzo

Izzy is a founding member of Truth Sans Justice, and (continues to) suffer from a chronic inability to not attempt to fix that broken thing.

Josh Marcus

No bio provided

Rosalind Martin

No bio provided

Aislinn McCormack

No bio provided

Sean McCormack

No bio provided

Charlie "grejam" McCutcheon

I've been coming to every Intercon since the lucky 13th, and have been role playing for a long time. Some day I might get good at it...

Sarah McGill

No bio provided

Chris McNulty

No bio provided

Stefan Melnick

No bio provided

James Mendez Hodes

No bio provided

Tony Mitton

No bio provided

Shannon Moore

No bio provided

Benjamin A "Ben" Morrow

Ben Morrow wasn't even supposed to be here today.

Caroline Murphy

Caroline Murphy is a game designer, community organizer, and a truly terrible person. She enjoys making people cry, and passes it off as "art". She's a real piece of work.

Colleen Nachtrieb

No bio provided

Ada Nakama

"I was thinking of signing up for this game, but I didn't know if the writer was a crazy racist or something," says one LARPer to another about Your Kind Host, who once gathered with Intercon's two other non-white people to make the very first "Diversity in LARP" panel discussion oh-so-many-years ago.

It's been five years since we've been in the country. Prepare yourself for an EXTREME LARP JOURNEY. (✿ꈍ。 ꈍ✿)

Rachel "rnations" Nations

Rachel Nations is a comparative media studies student and Grandmaster of the MIT Assassins' Guild with feelings about performance studies, interactive narrative, and LARP academia. She came here to fight things and get emotionally wrecked through mutual collaborative play, and she's all out of things to hit.

Tuhan Nguyen

No bio provided

Mike Oldziej

Michael Oldziej is a someone who believes in Role Playing to have a good time, and has run and written a boffer LARP called Mistgate. He tends to be vary active in the boffer LARP community and this is his first year running an Intercon game.

Gordon "James Gordon Olmstead-Dean" Olmstead-Dean

James Gordon Olmstead-Dean began working in LARP by organizing Assassin style games and murder mysteries, starting in 1984, and presented his first full length LARP, Covention I, in 1988 with Ken Brown. Other credits includes principal writing and production work on R.M.S. Titanic (1989), a seminal event encouraging focus on roleplay over plot; The Four Aces (1997) which helped pioneer and greatly expand the use of cast outside of combat-focused games, and The Gonzo Bugfuck Game (2000), an early “mindfuck” concept.

Beginning with Mersienne Medieval Fantasy (1999), a court and politics based campaign, Gordon worked as a principal producer and writer on several campaigns focusing on a fusion of salon/theatre-style/freeform elements with the heavy immersion familiar from live-combat fantasy and horror. The final of these projects, Threads of Damocles (2007-2013), created a forum where dozens of authors produced material against a flexible but consistent world background, in a vast array of mixed styles and media, allowing for experimentation and learning. In recent years Gordon has been active in kink and alternative sexuality education, producing a series with Rebecca Doll on YouTube, found at Modern Power Exchange.

Lisa Padol

No bio provided

Jamey Patten

Jamey has been running games here since Intercon K (often including what some might call an excess of parentheticals). He may have spent a bit too much effort crafting a scene-by-scene all-Depeche-Mode soundtrack (mostly 81-90) for Retreat. He probably just misses the era of mix-tapes.

Kristen Patten

No bio provided

Meredith "Merry" Peck

is bribable with sushi

Julia Pilowsky

No bio provided

Brian Richburg

No bio provided

Phoebe Roberts

No bio provided

Tory Root

No bio provided

Rebecca Rose

Rebecca Doll shares a household with James Gordon Olmstead-Dean and Meredith Peck and works professionally with them as a kink educator and presenter. She spends a significant amount of her time focused on exploring the more twisted desires of the human mind, and applying her academic background, including putting her Masters degree in Education to use in understanding human sexuality and kink. Her introduction to LARP was recent, coming through casting at the campaign game Threads, but her interest in drama and human thought has made her a natural fit.

Caelyn Sandel

No bio provided

Melanie "Tyrwll" Saunders

Treecat scribe

EB Savage

A bio has always been a difficult thing to write. I guess I will settle for some quick bullet points about me as a person, me as a GM and me as a player.

Me as a person: 1. I am short with long hair. I am married to a short man with long brown hair. Our bathroom drains get clogged a lot. 2. I like peas. 3. I like a good semi- sweet white wine (Moscatos and reislings) and I like a good Chianti. 4. I live in in Hartford Ct with my husband, 2 cats, our child (Squishy Face), and our flatmate.

Me as a GM: 1. I've written/co-written a variety of larps from silly Sun morning horde games to very macabre dark larps. For Intercon Q I bid Happily Ever After a semi-dark semi- lighthearted storytelling larp about fictional and historical couples who are in couples counseling. I also bid House of the Rising Sun (written with Jared Hite) which is a very dark historical/supernatural larp set in a bordello in Reconstruction New Orleans with heavy themes of Racism, hypocrisy, and sexuality. 2. The style of games I write varies greatly, but as a general rule (Happily Ever After aside) I write heavily plotted, thickly intertwined larps with a lot of plot and social interaction. 3. I am very fastidious about casting. I make strong casting deadlines and those who do not return casting forms by the deadlines are randomly cast. 4. Games that I have written are: The Angry Volcano God, Nepenthe, The Devil's Karma, High Rollers, Happily Ever After?, The Ballad of Jess-Belle, and House of the Rising Sun. I'm in the process of writing a Star Trek game, a historical Telanovela themed game called El Dia de los Muertos, a Cavalier larp, and a cyperpunk dystopian game. Hopefully one of them will be finished soon and bid for a future intercon.

Me as a player: 1. I like heavily plotted games with more plot than I can physically accomplish in game. 2. I tend to gravitate towards historical larps (of both serious and silly varieties), court intrigue/political intrigue style larps, fangirl larps (in the fandoms I like), and larps based on literary genres (of which I am a fan). 3. I dislike playing the ingenue or pretty pretty princess. 4. I will generally fill out casting forms specifying 1 thing I really really want. 1 or 2 things I really really don't want and be very apathetic towards everything else.

Alison Joy Schafer



Apart from that, I write and run many Larps with Brian Richburg under our Lovers & Madmen name. We have been a staple in the Friday night lineup in recent years and tend to lean towards historically flavored theater Larps with as much plot and romance as we can squeeze in. My past games have included: Kingsword, Venezia, Devil to Pay, Mayfair in the Colonies, Stars of Al-Ashtara, Redemption, and Elanthia.

As a player, both IC and OOC, I am a villain. Just kidding, I'm totally nice. Please trust me in our next game together.

Eva Schiffer

I consume oxygen and I'm generally not on fire.

Adina Schreiber

Hunter of MacGuffins Elusive, Collector of Widgets Ubiquitous
Proposal Com chair, NEIL board member, Game Wrap editor, NELCO helper-outer, raffle coordinator. LARP blogger. Boffer and theater enthusiast, costuming and set dressing creator and enthusiast, Accelerant fangirl. Poison/fairy type Pokémon.

LARP magis LARP optimum.

Kreg Segall

Kreg is confident that this will be the best run of Orgia ever.

But what everyone is really wondering is this: will he be able to stay awake past midnight this year? Will he begin to speak in tongues as the hour gets later? Will he help clean up? Only time will tell.

Christopher Shannon

No bio provided

Joshua "Sheena" Sheena

Daily Horoscope: Sheena

While you may be feeling like you want to run a convention today, signs point to it being a bad idea. You should listen to your loved ones when they tell you that you need some time off. You should not jump at the opportunity to stress yourself out more. You should remember that you are getting married this year and that your loving fiancee is more than able to smother you in your sleep. Or poison your breakfast. Remember that.

Your lucky numbers today are: 3, 17, ∆, and the color purple.

Andrew "AJ" Smith

Why do I GM?
I used to be a Player, just like you. Then I took an Item Card to the knee ...

Brad Smith

No bio provided

Jerry Steinhofer

No bio provided

Alden Strock

Alden got involved in role playing relatively late in life, but he's been playing, writing and running tabletop RPGs since the early 2000's, and LARPing since 2011. He has several partly finished larps in the works, some of which he swears will eventually see the light of day.

Kim "redfishie" Sward

Con Chair for Intercon Q
Kim Sward first came to Intercon for Intercon G due to friends in the SCA who she fenced with and has been coming back to the con ever since. She has been part of Intercon's staff since Intercon K, first as a member of the Bid/Proposal Committee and then for several years as the Bid Chair. This year she is the Con Chair.

Kim has been involved in several campaign boffer larps in the greater MA area since roughly 2002. She was on staff for Endgame and npc'd a number of other Accelerant based boffer games.

She was part of the winning gm team for Iron GM at Intercon O, with their submission of Compost Tales: The Lost Religions, for that year's competition. The key genre/items/props that year were: satire, vegetables, lost and found, and a key prop.

You can find Kim around the con either running around looking for where she put some sort of costuming or sitting down and having a nice cup of tea.

Anita "Minx Girl" Szostak

Art Director
To dream the impossible dream, To fight the unbeatable foe, To bear the unbearable sorrow, To right the unrightable wrong, To love, pure and chaste, from afar, To try, when your arms are too weary, To reach the impossible star! -The Impossible Dream, from Man of La Mancha

Thanks once again to my partners in crime, Barry & Susan, who always make the art go so smoothly. Thanks for helping me reach that star!

Barry Tannenbaum

No bio provided

Stephen Tihor

No bio provided

Evan Torner

Larpwright. Games Scholar. Wears a hat.

Cathleen Townsend

No bio provided

Warren Tusk

Founder and creative director of Paracelsus Games.

LARP-writing credits include: Lyber, Toil and Trouble, Infinite Magic Glories: Impact Mosaic, The Whale, The Path of a Thousand Whispers, The Legend of Cottonmouth Hollow, Inheritance, Be Not Afraid, The Soul of the World, Ex Ignorantia, Dreamlands, Neon Genesis Revolution, The Dance and the Dawn, The Dance and the Dawn: Dreams of Ice and Ash, The Song and the Sunrise, The Tale and the Twilight, Metal Gear Solid: The LARP: The Sequel.

And I passed over you, and I beheld you wallowing in your blood. And I said to you, “In your blood shall you live!” And I said to you, “In your blood shall you live!”

Carolyn VanEseltine

Carolyn VanEseltine is a long-time Intercon attendee and a first-time Intercon GM, running Librarian and Catalog this year. She is grateful to Caelyn, Kara, and Dani for standing behind her and saying "No no, you really should write this game!" You can find her on Twitter @mossdogmusic and on the web at www.sibylmoon.com, where she keeps a (video) game dev blog and her solo game dev portfolio.

Karl Wagner

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Will Wagner

Will has been writing LARPs for as long as Intercon has had a letter. He has been running games at every Intercon since then (Intercon "Letters" and IMA) and ran a campaign game (Void Stalkers) before life interfered. In addition to many stand-alone games, he has also written and run the 6 games in the Grimm Tales series.

Mark "Justin du Coeur" Waks

Mark "Justin" Waks is a tool-using hominid. His latest tool, Querki, now allows you to share your stone knives with others, promoting better evolutionary success for your tribe.

Susan "Dybbuk" Weiner

Susan Weiner has been LARPing for most of her life. She has written over 20 LARPs, including Secrets and Powers, American Freeform, Slice of Life and Horde games. Most of her games have been written with Alleged Entertainment. Her best know LARPs include Last Seder, Resonance and the 10 Bad LARP series. Descriptions of all of them can be found here: http://larpresume.boldlygoingnowhere.org/people/gothiklezmer/

Robert Wensley

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Asche Whelsky

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Joseph "joswie" Wiegartner

Joseph Wiegartner has been playing games since the bygone age of 2012. Coming from the RPI LARPing community in Troy NY, he has authored five 4-hour LARPs (The Worst Story Ever Told, Boogieman Nights: A Game of Supernatural Pornography, The Lord of the Roles: Who Killed Tom Bombadil? Extended Edition, Deadlands: Dying Off Into The Sunset, and Tales of the Cradle) as well as some smaller games and consulting work on the LARPs of others.

Brian Williams

I'm back! Even changing states can't get rid of me. And what's more, I've brought all the other Brits back with me this year. Hurrah!

No, wait, that means I lose "Sole Brit" status. Damn. Is it too late to tell them all it's still in the Radisson at the start of March...?

On the plus side, it means that I am re-united with my old partner-in-crime, everyone's favourite Rent-A-GM, AJ Smith, aka "The other Brit" (not to be confused with "The other, other Brit", "That other Brit" or "Which Brit is that?")

Eric Wirtanen

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Thomas Wohlers

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Abrihette Yawa

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Mike "Frakking Greek Chorus" Young

Mike Young's name is a household word. Well, two words. The words "mike" and "young" are used in households across the world. He also writes larps.

Andrew Zorowitz

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