Intercon Q: Quixotic

Intercon Q News

The Intercon Q Site is Frozen

You will not be able to sign up for games through the website.

Until the convention, you may contact GMs directly about any open roles that are mentioned here. Should you secure a spot, please also send use a note to, so that we can try to keep track, too.

At the convention, there will be an announcement board showing any available spaces in LARPs, too, that we'll try to keep up to date.

Menu Available

We have a Menu available now for the hotel concessions

There's still openings in all these great games!

  • Sexpectations - Fri 20:00
  • Will that be All? - Fri 20:00
  • Winter is Leaving - Sat 09:00
  • Inside I'm a Puppy - Sat 09:00
  • WRESTLE- MANIA! - Sat 09:00
  • 1969: The Minx Club - Sat 14:00
  • We All Fall Down - Sat 20:00
  • Victims' Ball II: The Templar Connection - Sat 20:00
  • Iron GM Competition - Game Runs - Sun 09:00
  • The Line - Sun 10:00

There's still openings in all these great games!